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Arthrem® is an all natural herbal supplement for relief from joint pain and stiffness*

*A human clinical trial studying Arthrem®’s effect in patients with osteoarthritis has shown the herbal supplement to significantly reduce joint pain and stiffness

The evidence behind Arthrem® as a supplement for relieving the symptoms of pain and stiffness in arthritis

Arthrem® is a natural supplement, which has been the subject of robust scientific research. It’s our belief that herbal supplements, like Arthrem®, that claim to improve health should be backed by valid scientific studies. Many manufacturers of natural products for joint pain and arthritis claim their products can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, however very few have produced any credible scientific evidence to support these claims.

A human clinical trial investigating the use of Arthrem® in sufferers of osteoarthritis was conducted by the School of Medicine at Otago University (ranked in the top 100 medical schools globally). Outcomes for those suffering from osteoarthritis and supplementing with Arthrem® during the clinical trial were overwhelmingly positive, with statistically significant improvements in joint pain, stiffness and mobility over 12 weeks. These results, along with those of a longer term, follow up, safety study, have been published in the peer-reviewed, international medical journals, Clinical Rheumatology and the New Zealand Medical Journal.

The scientific evidence for Arthrem as an effective natural joint supplement focuses on symptoms of joint pain and stiffness in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis. There is theoretical and anecdotal evidence that Arthrem® is beneficial to individuals suffering from the symptoms of rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis, although no formal clinical testing has taken place.

All published research on Arthrem® and its benefits for relieving pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, can be found online, in full, on our Scientific Research page.

Producing a high quality natural extract for relief from the symptoms of pain and stiffness in arthritis.

Arthrem®’s journey from seed to capsule is an important part of what makes Arthrem® so unique and effective when treating the symptoms associated with Arthritis. The seeds used to grow Artemisia annua are sourced in Switzerland from a research institute specializing in the propagation of medicinal plants. The seeds are carefully cultivated at high altitude on our farm in the highlands of Western Tanzania. The unique growing conditions are thought to increase production of the anti-inflammatory compounds found in Artemisia annua. Once harvested and dried, plant material is shipped to New Zealand, where a high pressure low temperature extraction process is used to produce a concentrated extract of Artemisia annua. These steps produce a proprietary natural extract that is backed by scientific research showing its positive effects when maintaining healthy joints and relieving joint pain and stiffness in arthritis.

*Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease. Supplementing with Arthrem® may help to relieve some symptoms of osteoarthritis, however, it is important to understand that Arthrem® is not a cure.