Arthrem® is a proven and natural alternative treatment for the symptoms of arthritis. Each capsule contains a specialized herbal extract from the plant Artemisia annua.

Each Arthrem® capsule contains a specialized herbal extract from the plant Artemisia annua. 

We grow Artemisia annua plants from seed from a research institute in Switzerland that specializes in medicinal plants. The plants are grown at an altitude of 5000ft on the plains of Western Tanzania. The unusual environmental conditions found here are thought to increase the natural production of anti-inflammatory compounds within Artemisia annua and help create an alternative natural treatment for the symptoms of arthritis (including osteoarthritis).

After a short growing season the young, nutrient-rich tips of the plants are harvested by hand and air dried using traditional methods.

The dried Artemisia annua is shipped to New Zealand where the active compounds are extracted from the dried plant material.

Promisia uses a highly specialized extraction process that concentrates the beneficial phytonutrients found in Artemisia annua.

This diffusion-based, high pressure, low temperature extraction process harvests the plant’s active constituents without using harsh chemicals. The result is a concentrated form of Artemisia annua that aids in providing relief from joint pain associated with arthritis.

The extract is then analysed by a Swiss laboratory to ensure consistency between crops and combined with grape-seed oil in an easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsule.

Our specialised horticulture and extraction process harnesses the full spectrum of Artemisia annua’s beneficial phytonutrients, providing a unique, all-natural extract.