Introducing a new kind of natural products company backed by scientific research

Promisia, a natural products company unlike any other

Promisia is a scientific research-based company. We develop natural products that are unique, safe and effective. We use validated scientific and statistical methods in our natural products development. Our scientific research focused approach is what differentiates us from other companies in the natural products industry.

A New Zealand Company With a Global Presence

Promisia headquarters is in New Zealand, a country recognized for its high ethical standards. We have a global presence in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural products.

Promisia is a publicly traded company on the New Zealand Main Board Stock Exchange (Ticker Symbol PIL.NZ). Through the use of grants, the New Zealand government funds part of our product research. Private investors also contribute to our research and development efforts. You can see our executive and science research management team in the photo below.

Committed to Scientific Innovation

Our scientific approach to developing natural products is just one of the ways we lead the natural products industry.

Promisia is committed to combining science and nature to create natural products that can be trusted to work. Although the U.S. government does not require us to conduct studies, Promisia has a comprehensive scientific research program that includes clinical and laboratory trials. It’s been part of our development and continued study of Arthrem® in people who suffer from inflammation and/or stiffness of their joints.

Why We Are Unique

Promisia stands out from other companies in the natural products industry. Our goal is to add scientific methods and validity to an industry that scientists often perceive as lacking in these disciplines.

Promisia Conducts Research On Its Products

Unlike most companies that rely on generic third-party studies to support their product, Promisia conducts research on its own unique natural products.

We perform rigorous tests on our products so that we can show scientific efficacy and safety. We also conduct studies to find out how the substance(s) works inside the body.

Promisia Controls The Ingredient Source, Harvesting and Manufacturing of its Products

Unlike many companies who source their ingredients from low cost suppliers, manufacture them through third-party vendors and slap on a label, Promisia harvests and manufactures its own products.

Many supplement companies today source their ingredients and/or manufacturing in China. Yet according to the New York Times in 2010, a U.S. Government Accountability Office report shows many popular supplement products sourced from China may also contain contaminants.1 These include unhealthy levels of pesticides plus heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury.

Promisia has high standards for the sourcing and production of our products. We use the finest high-quality seeds of the plant Artemisia annua to produce Arthrem®. We derive them from Switzerland, where the quality meets our requirements.

We harvest these seeds in the most fertile soils at high altitudes in Tanzania. This is where climate conditions are ideal for the plant.

And we extract the main ingredient using a proprietary process in our New Zealand manufacturing facility.

From start to finish, Promisia controls the process of producing a high quality product. And unlike many other companies, we do NOT source or produce our product in China. So you have a safe product you can put in your body to get the best results.

Promisia Has a Strict Quality Control Process

Unlike many companies in the natural products industry who have poor quality control issues, Promisia has a strict protocol to which we adhere to every product.

Consumer Reports in August 2013 alerted the world about supplement product fraud.2 They found nearly 50% of joint supplements do not contain the amounts of ingredients listed on the labels. The report revealed many popular brand name pharmacies and other retailers sell these products.

A report two months later by Healthline News,3 shows most dietary supplements contain unlisted ingredients, some of which are dangerous to certain users. These results are from a study at the University of Guelph in Canada.

In light of these reports, Promisia continues to improve and sustain its quality control procedures to assure you get a safe and effective product that contains the ingredients that we print on our labels.

That’s why Promisia guarantees the ingredient levels it prints on its product labels. This is rare in our industry. We do this so you can know what you see stated on the label is what you put in in your body.