*"“It’s superb, and now half of my family are into it too.”"

Racing for Freedom

Peter Mannix started taking Arthrem® four months ago, after seeing it advertised on TV. The ad shows people around his age (75 years), moving easily and getting on with life, so he thought to himself, “I’ll try it!”

Taking Arthrem

“I am quite sceptic on these types of things. There are so many products that claim that they can help so it’s great to find one that actually works. Arthrem® has given me a great deal of satisfaction.”

Peter buys his Arthrem® from his local pharmacy and uses it every day, taking one in the morning and one in the evening. Peter takes Arthrem® on its own and has found he doesn’t need to supplement it with anything else. He couldn’t believe the speed at which Arthrem® started to take effect. Within three days all his aches and pains had disappeared.

An Active Lifestyle

Peter has been super-active all his life.  He ran more than 30 marathons and half-marathons until needing a hip replacement at age 50. He now belongs to a cycle club, where he races as part of team and finds Arthrem® is an excellent product for his lifestyle.

For the Family

“It’s superb, and now half of my family are into it too.” Some of Peter’s family are in in their mid or late 20’s. They’re using Arthrem® due to help their pain after years of playing sport. His wife also takes Arthrem® because she had arthritic hands, but if she stays on the Arthrem®, she has no problem. Peter’s family have no side effects, and Arthrem® does what it claims.


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