*"I’m out and about walking and riding my bike. I’m just so much more mobile."


When life forces you to retire at age 25 because your knees can no longer take the pounding…well that’s a real life shocker.

That is what Ian faced after years of landscaping. Yet things got worse. For the next 24 years his knees became less functional to do even the most basic activities in life.

Fortunately that feels like a lifetime ago for Ian, thanks to Arthrem®.

Today Ian lives an active life and is fully functional in all he does. Here is his incredible story about how he got his life back to normal.

“Once I started Arthrem® that was a dramatic change. Within a week there was a distinctive difference and within two weeks I forgot I actually had any discomfort. Yeah, I never looked back.”

From a young age Ian would take his dog on long walks through the bush forest. He’d scuba dive. And when he wasn’t on his feet, Ian would carve wood.

After several years of landscaping in which he carried heavyweights while on uneven ground, Ian’s knees became very sore.

Landscaping takes a big toll on the knees. The constant lifting and moving of debris puts a lot of pressure on them.

Plus the squatting and crawling required to uproot weeds and plant flowers, trees and bushes can strain the knees to no end.

Ian began to grind his knees making things worse.

By the age of 25, it was hard for Ian to walk.

And over the next twenty-four years of his life Ian gradually did less and less. He was living life as a hermit. He barely left his house.

The only thing that kept him going was his ability to carve, which he did more and more.

Life for Ian was a terrible nightmare. He felt like an old man at a young age. Looking at himself in the mirror hunched over in discomfort made Ian’s biggest fears of old age became a reality.

“I was miserable. I wasn’t getting out at all. But now with Arthrem® life’s fun.”


Three weeks after he started to take Arthrem® – at age 49 – Ian’s life changed. His knees slowly began to feel better. He started to go on long walks again. And his life became more enjoyable.

Over time Ian went from hobbling across the street to walking and then jogging. Ian’s back straightened out. There was no more discomfort like he had earlier in his life.

Now Ian goes on long pleasurable walks through the bush forest. Plus he rides his bike. He’s more mobile than he’s been in decades.

His life dramatically changed after he started to take Arthrem®. He went from hobble to twinkle toes because he’s so good on his knees and feet.

“Since taking Arthrem® I’m very much active again…It’s great fun now.”

Ian’s living an active life. His mobility and flexibility enable him to love life to its fullest.

From retired Landscaper unable to walk at age 25 to avid hiker with full mobility at age 49 - keep your joints moving naturally with Arthrem®