*"I can ride my Harley Davidson 1200cc Custom Sporty, thanks to Arthrem!"


Life on a dairy farm is not all about rearing calves or producing milk. At least not for Bronwyn who would walk her dogs 6 miles per day, run, ski and travel on the backseat of her partner’s motorbike.

Yet when Bronwyn lost her mobility, these things became more difficult. So when she regained her mobility after taking Arthrem®, Bronwyn was determined to do something she never dreamed of before.

She rode her new Harley Davidson 1200 cc custom sporty for over 1,800 miles throughout New Zealand.

“Now thanks to Arthrem® I can ride my Harley Davidson 1200cc custom sporty. My biggest trip I rode over 3000 km’s from Oamaru to Whangamata and back, the length of New Zealand.
I would have never dreamed I could do this without Arthrem®.”

This is the story of how Bronwyn regained her mobility.

To say Bronwyn lived an active life is an understatement, at least compared to the average woman.

You see, Bronwyn reared 750 calves on a dairy farm. She would lift the calves and throw them from one pen to another. She would lift and carry heavy buckets of milk. She would take her dogs for long walks. And she’d run to keep in shape. Nothing in her life was a barrier to the physical challenges she faced each day.

Then one day Bronwyn began to notice joint stiffness in her hands and feet. Then it spread to her hips. Suddenly Bronwyn went from leading an active life to being unable to do most things that required moving her joints.

Her brain said she could do it, but her body could not, no matter how hard she tried.

Instead of taking long walks, Bronwyn now could only go on short strolls about 10% of what she did before. She was unable lift the calves or carry buckets of milk.

She wasn’t even 40. Yet she was feeling like 60. And she was petrified of what the future would look like for her.

Then one day her pharmacist suggested Arthrem® for three months. Within the first two weeks, Bronwyn saw a big difference in her mobility and flexibility. And her partner Carl noticed the difference too.

Gradually Bronwyn started to feel a lot more herself for the first time in over two years. She was able to do a lot more on the farm again. She was able to attend to the calves. She could lift and carry the milk. And she would go on long walks with her dogs.

Most of all, she was able to enjoy life.

“I certainly would recommend Arthrem® to any person that has joint mobility and stiffness issues…
the difference it made for me is quite substantial; I’ve actually got a life now.”

Before Bronwyn had joint discomfort she would jump on the back of Carl’s motorbike and go for a ride with him.

Yet after she started to take Arthrem®, Bronwyn decided to ride her own Harley Davidson. She challenged herself to do new things.

Then Carl suggested they ride their motor bikes 1,000 miles to the north island up to Whangamata. At first Carl thought Bronwyn would not be able to do it. Yet with the help of Arthrem®, Bronwyn exceeded both of their expectations. They rode 1,800 miles. Bronwyn had no discomfort in her joints.

Today, Bronwyn and Carl enjoy riding their bikes and Bronwyn enjoys coming back home to work on their dairy farm.

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