*"Since I’ve been on Arthrem… I can play with the children which is just great."


Being a wife and mother of four young children has its challenges. Yet when you are 37 years of age and you struggle with mobility and flexibility, life can become increasingly difficult.

Before Arthrem®, Miriam was barely able to get up out of bed. Now she jumps on the trampoline with her kids. Here is her amazing story.

“Now that I’m on Arthrem®, it’s great. I’m a lot more flexible.”


While growing up and into her mid-thirties, Miriam was very active. She loved sports and enjoyed hiking.

Yet when she became pregnant with her fourth child she started to notice changes in her mobility and flexibility. This was not supposed to happen when you are 37 years of age.

As the days and years went on Miriam found it hard to get a good night’s sleep. She struggled bending down to pick her children up, get them out of bed or cuddle with them.

She could not even tie her shoelaces.

It became more difficult for her to do household chores, things most people would take for granted. Reaching inside cabinets was hard. Moving household laundry was no longer an easy task. And carrying a car seat became nearly impossible.

While the young children would run around, Miriam was barely able to get up and look after them. Her immobility and lack of flexibility got worse over a short period of time.

No matter what products she took, things didn’t change for the better. And she didn’t want to be on drugs for the rest of her life. Miriam finally reached rock bottom at age 44.

“Arthrem® has made a huge difference in my life… I’m able to do everything I could do before I started on Arthrem®.”


Then a friend introduced her to Arthrem™. Miriam liked that it is a natural product for joint health. And she’s been taking it now for years.

Miriam noticed the difference in her mobility and flexibility right away. Yet it was not until about eight weeks of taking daily doses of Arthrem® that Miriam saw a big difference in her functionality. The key to her revitalizing her joint health was to continue to take Arthrem® each day.

Miriam began to enjoy a full night’s sleep. Each day it was much easier for her to get out of bed. She can do household chores again. She can vacuum and can carry the washing out to the line. Plus Miriam can make the beds without needing help.

She can put socks on her feet and tie her shoelaces. She can walk, hike and play sports.

Most of all, Miriam can play with her children. She jumps with them on the trampoline.

And she can pick up her kids and cuddle them once again.

“When taking Arthrem® I started feeling the difference and my family said they noticed the difference.”

Since taking Arthrem® Miriam is able to be a fully functional wife and mother. As a result, Miriam and her family are much happier.

Keep Your Joints Moving Naturally With Arthrem®

Poorly functioning joints can take the activity out of your life. But there is a solution that can help you get your life back to normal. Arthrem® is an herbal extract that can help to keep your joints moving naturally and extend your flexibility.