Nature and Science

Introducing Promisia

Promisia is NZX listed and based in our capital city, Wellington. We’re a small company focused on developing premium quality natural products that are backed by robust scientific studies. Our philosophy is simple — we apply credible scientific testing to create effective, safe and trusted natural products.

At Promisia, we believe that the natural products we produce can improve the lives of humans and animals. We are committed to providing people with credible natural solutions to support their health.

Helping people around the world realise the life changing potential of natural products

We’re passionate about the ethical and sustainable production of our products. We keep strict control over our entire production process, making sure that our product is of the highest quality and utmost effectiveness.

Arthrem is our first commercially available natural remedy and is part of a growing family of natural products. You can expect to see more of the Promisia family very soon.

Visit the Promisia website, to learn more about who we are.