Keep your joints moving naturally with Arthrem, a standardized herbal extract of Artemisia annua

What makes Arthrem® different from other joint pain and arthritis treatments?

Each Arthrem® capsule contains a 150 mg dose of the proprietary and natural herbal extract from the plant Artemisia annua.

Arthrem® has been specially developed for joint support. Over the past 5 years Arthrem® has been perfected through a growing program and extraction process that optimizes the beneficial phytonutrients of the plant ensuring Arthrem® is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds.

The Artemisia annua used in Arthrem® is grown at high altitude in the western plains of Tanzania. While this location may sound exotic, it has been carefully chosen for its ideal environmental conditions. The higher altitude forces plants to produce high concentrations of beneficial phytonutrients that protect them from harsh ultraviolet rays.

Once mature, the Artemisia annua plants are harvested and air dried before being shipped to our extraction facility in New Zealand. The extraction process involves a specialised technique that harvests the plants natural phytonutrients using high pressure and no harsh chemicals. Every batch is then thoroughly tested to ensure that a consistent product is delivered in each dose of Arthrem®.

Arthrem® is the world’s first and only Artemisia annua product specifically formulated for arthritis and joint support. It is also one of the few alternative and natural products that is scientifically proven to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

We’re open and transparent about our research and encourage everyone to read and understand it.

A human clinical trial of Arthrem® was conducted at one of New Zealand’s top medical schools, Otago University, and can be read by clicking on the ‘Research ’ tab above. The principal investigator was Associate Professor Simon Stebbings, a consultant rheumatologist. Professor Stebbings said “It has been a long standing aspiration to find a herbal extract that could prove effective in relieving osteoarthritis symptoms. Arthrem® shows great promise and, with participants experiencing no major side effects, it could find a place in the treatment of osteoarthritis, proving safer than existing anti-inflammatory medicines”.

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What Is Arthrem™?

Keep your joints moving naturally with Arthrem
Arthrem™ is a dietary supplement containing our unique herbal extract from the plant Artemisia annua. This herb, known as Qinghaosu, has been part of Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.

Yet it is only recently that scientists have discovered why and how Artemisia annua works for joint health.

Artemisia annua is one of the wormwood family of plants. It contains about 600 secondary metabolites. This includes the sesquiterpene lactone, artemisinin, which is unique to this family of plants.

Our unique extract of Artemisia annua has joint health promoting properties. So it can support the maintenance of healthy function, flexibility and mobility in joints that are stiff and inflamed.

A Natural Product Backed Up By Scientific Research

Promisia conducts studies on the herbal extract of Artemisia annua. Thus far the results have been impressive.

Results from in vitro studies show Promisia’s proprietary  herbal extract of Artemisia annua reduces production of cellular substances that can cause joint inflammation. The Journal of Inflammation Research published one such study. New study shows an extract of Artemesia annua is a potent inhibitor of TNF-α and a strong inhibitor of PGE2 production in activated neutrophils at the concentrations tested.

Other studies show Arthrem™ is more effective at reducing the inflammatory response than other joint health products.

As part of our ongoing research into the long term safety and efficacy of Arthrem™, we are currently conducting a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Plus we will continue to test the herbal extract of Artemisia annua in other studies.

Special Manufacturing Process That Delivers 100% Natural Extract For Potent Effect

Promisia sources the seeds of Artemisia annua from Switzerland. We grow it at high altitudes above 1,800 meters in the dense, fertile soils in Tanzania for nine months. We then harvest the nutrient-rich upper leaves, shoots and tips by hand. And we dry them using traditional methods that preserve the nutrient content. After inspecting these parts, we ship the ones that pass our quality test to New Zealand. There we extract the active compounds from the dried plant material.

Promisia uses a unique diffusion-based, high pressure, low temperature extraction process. This unique process harvests the plant’s active substances without the use of chemicals. We then analyze the 100% natural extract in a Swiss laboratory. And we combine the extract with grape-seed oil in easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsules.

Our specialized horticulture and extraction process harnesses the full spectrum of the plant’s beneficial phytonutrients. This provides a special one-of-a-kind, all-natural extract of Artemisia annua for use in Arthrem™.

How to Use to Get Maximum Effectiveness of Arthrem, a Standardized Extract of Artemisia annua

Each capsule contains 150 mg standardized extract of Artemisia annua which includes artemisinin, phytonutrients and other naturally occurring substances in the plant plus grape seed oil to enhance the natural absorption of the extract. The small easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules contains glycerine for natural stability. It also has vanillin for flavor. Plus it is gluten free.

When you use Arthrem™ daily as a dietary supplement, it may support long-term joint health. We recommend a dosage of one to two capsules twice per day. The maximum dose per day is four capsules per day. It is not suitable for use among pregnant or breastfeeding women or children. You should check with your doctor before using Arthrem™ if you take any type of prescription medication.

Each Package Contains a One Month Supply

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Promisia supplies Arthrem™ in boxes or bottles containing 60 gel capsules. Store the product in a cool, dry place to maximize its shelf life.

Join the Thousands of Every Day Users of Arthrem™ Worldwide

Promisia first launched Arthrem™ as a dietary supplement throughout New Zealand in 2011. Today thousands of people in New Zealand and elsewhere worldwide buy Arthrem™ to help improve their joint health. Shouldn’t you?

*“Being so young and finding it a struggle to put socks on or bend over to cuddle my son made me wonder what the future held for me. I started on Arthrem™ and was amazed at how quickly I was back to normal. Arthrem™ has given me a new lease on life!”

Not your typical treatment for joint pain, take a closer look at how we grow and process Arthrem®

Arthrem®’s journey from seed to natural treatment for the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Very few natural and alternative treatments for arthritis are made with unique and high quality, purpose grown ingredients. Most natural products found in your local pharmacy for joint pain are sourced from unreliable and low quality manufacturers in places like China or India. All to often these products are made using outdated and ineffective extraction methods that use either harsh chemicals or methods that cannot extract the full spectrum of a plant’s phytonutrients.

The active phytonutrients which make Arthrem® unique and effective, are found at their highest levels in the young shoots and tips of the Artemisia annua plant. To ensure that the Artemisia annua used in Arthrem® has the highest concentration of these natural phytonutrients, we give our plants special treatment throughout the entire growing process. Independent laboratory studies have shown that these phytonutrients in our proprietary extract reduce inflammation, which in turn may be beneficial in treating the symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain and stiffness.

Growing and harvesting Artemisia annua in this alternative and pain staking way, takes up to 9 months but is an important step in growing an effective natural treatment. We begin with specialty seeds sourced from partners in Switzerland and grow our Artemisia annua on the high altitude western plains of Tanzania.

Once mature, the nutrient packed tips and shoots are cut from the plant. Unlike other natural treatments for arthritis, we slowly air dry our plants to avoid exposing them to direct heat. Too much heat can change the natural chemical composition of a plant and degrade any active natural compounds that may combat the symptoms of osteoarthritis and aid with joint pain.

The shoots and tips of the plant are then shipped to New Zealand to undergo a unique and all-natural extraction treatment. The natural plant material is extracted using a diffusion-based, high pressure, low temperature treatment that harvests the plant’s natural and active constituents without using harsh chemicals.

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