Arthrem® has been specially developed as a complementary medicine to help relieve joint pain and stiffness

A unique herbal complementary medicine

Arthrem® is a complementary medicine for joint health containing a supercritical extract of the plant Artemisia annua. This herb, also known as sweet wormwood or qinghaosu, has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.

A product that combines science and nature

Our company's philosophy is simple — apply scientific research to create effective, safe and trusted natural therapeutic products such as Arthrem®. Being a plant-based natural product, Arthrem® can be taken long-term to help reduce joint pain and stiffness while improving mobility in sufferers of mild osteoarthritis.

100% natural with quality ingredients

The key ingredient in Arthrem® - Artemisia annua, is sourced in Switzerland, grown and harvested by hand in Tanzania and extracted and manufactured in New Zealand. Learn more about what goes into creating Arthrem® here.

Our company Promisia

Promisia is a global natural healthcare company developing and distributing premium quality natural therapeutic products. With a growing portfolio of natural products, we remain committed to the ethical and sustainable production of our products, overseeing the entire supply chain from source to customer.

Join thousands of Arthrem® users worldwide

Promisia first launched Arthrem® as a dietary supplement in New Zealand in 2011. Today thousands of people worldwide buy Arthrem® to help improve their joint health.

60 capsules per bottle

Arthrem® comes in bottles containing 60 gel capsules (enough for one month). Each capsule contains 150 mg extract of Artemisia annua plus grape seed oil to enhance absorption.

Note: Arthrem® is not suitable for use among pregnant or breastfeeding women, children or those with elevated liver enzymes, liver disease or liver cancer. You should check with your health professional before using Arthrem® if you take any type of prescription medication.

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